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Tips To Get More Out Of Your Air Conditioning System

For the majority of people today, it’s hard to live without AC. Thanks to AC, more people are living in the south. However, today’s homes aren’t made for cross-ventilation, and summers are getting hotter and hotter.

To make matters worse, air conditioning still uses a lot of power. It brings in the indoor heat (or cold) and uses energy to push it outdoors. At this point, the US consumes more electricity for AC than one billion people in Africa use for all their needs.

​The good news is that people can do much more to make their AC run more efficiently. Here’s what you need to know –

1) Close the leaks
No matter where you live, the primary thing you should do is seal any air leaks. Especially if you live in an older home that hasn’t been air sealed, this might be a significant source of heat problems. Leaks in the attic can also result in a lot of heat gain. Also, be sure to get a blower door test done if you haven’t had one yet.

2) Keep out sunlight and heat
ACs have made architects lazier. They no longer have to think about making the building energy- efficient; all they need to do is buy a big AC.

In addition to shading windows (with exterior blinds, if possible), there are other things that you can do like using trees, pergolas, overhangs, and different kinds of shading methods.

3) Energy-efficient lighting
This is an old tip, but it bears repeating – many folks still use incandescent lighting bulbs. Switch them off or replace them.

4) Insulation
If you happen to have an attic, ensure that the insulation is laid out evenly, and add more if possible. Also, bumpy insulation isn’t as effective as smooth insulation.

5) Change some habits
Check your dryer vent. Alternatively, you can go old school and use a clothesline. If it’s hot, you can cook cooler foods and salads indoors and cook hotter foods outside on a barbecue.

6) Clear the way for airflow

There are many AC tips available, and our blog is the best source out there. The most common AC tip is to replace your filters. You should also make sure that the vents are clear of everything. Reduced airflow at the vents will increase the pressure on the duct system.

7) Duct systems
Duct systems in most homes are bad. The scale of badness can range from bad, to really bad, to really really bad. If you have a duct system in your home, be sure to check the ducts, fix and seal them off while keeping your outdoor unit free of obstructions, vegetation, and coverings.

8) Buy a smart thermostat
You can achieve high energy savings even in a leaky home with one of these devices. This person saw about a 15 percent savings on energy.

9) Install rooftop solar panels
Solar makes sense. After all, it’s usually more hot when the sun is shining, and solar panels can help offset that extra solar consumption.

10) Balance lifestyle changes, new technology, and design tips.

One of the keys to running an AC efficiently is to reduce the amount of air conditioning that we need. To do this, we need to understand how people were able to cope before we had thermostats.

In conclusion, to reduce heating and cooling costs and increase comfort, we must design our homes properly, to begin with.

If you have more questions about how you can save money on air conditioning, feel free to contact us anytime, 24/7.

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