Air conditioning Solutions

Inverter Split AC

High-performance inverter split ACs from Hitachi Air ensures faster and efficient cooling of your home while keeping your energy bills to the minimum. … With steady cooling compressor Hitachi split inverter ACs gives you high ambient cooling even at 52 degree to provide you instant relief from scorching heat.


VRF systems with characteristics of energy recovery. The ratio of total capacity (heating and cooling) of a system to effective power consumption is defined. The SCHE ratings of Hitachi VRF systems are as high as 32.2. … HITACHI has values up to 4.25 and 2.78 for COP 47 ° F and 17 ° F for COP.

Ductable & Ductless

Hitachi reached its first milestone by introducing the first range Ductable Air conditioners with ECO friendly Refrigerant (R410a). It’s designed to achieve Higher Efficiency without being harsh on nature.

Hitachi’s concealed split AC is installed in the ceiling which blends with the interiors thereby giving it an unobtrusive look of central air conditioner. Its technological and aesthetical design make it fit for large showrooms, hotels, shops, resorts, offices with cubicles and rooms with low ceiling. The concealed split AC is also equipped with high quality heat exchangers that maximize cooling and reduce power consumption.


In an endeavor to reduce carbon footprint and improve environmental sustainability, Hitachi has developed energy efficient industrial ACs and chillers. We utilize our experience of several decades to manufacture:

  • Absorption chillers
  • Air-cooled water chillers
  • Water-cooled water chillers
  • Centrifugal chillers
  • FCUs
  • Packaged air conditioners

Our packaged air conditioners are well suited for industrial facilities, while our comprehensive range of split air conditioning systems befit light commercial use.


The air conditioner that comes with a 2-ton cooling capacity ensures that a wide area is cooled efficiently while the numerous tests testify the durable construction of the air conditioner.

The power performing Hitachi Fixed Series Cassette Air Conditioner comes with amazing cooling features to ensure you enjoy an optimum level performance at all times. The air conditioner comes with a powerful tropical compressor to ensure that the air conditioner functions at efficient levels without consuming too much electricity making it a very ideal option for home use. With a power input level of 2040 watts, the air conditioner ensures amazing cooling performance at all times.