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Water Technology Solutions
Water Treatment
Of all the Earth’s water, 97.5 percent is salt and 2.5 is fresh. Of that water, about 70 percent is locked in glacial ice and 30 percent in soil, leaving under 1 percent (.007 percent of the total water) readily accessible for human use.
Our water services business is basically aimed at industries, municipalities and buildings. The gamut of services includes all possible solutions for effective and energy efficient pumping systems, water treatment, reuse and conservation. We provide total water management solution – pumping, water treatment, waste water treatment and recycling.
We take up turn key projects of various size and scale. We ensure that the plants run efficiently and effectively over a long period and keep producing the desired results. We offer operation and maintenance services also. We offer complete solution, whether it is a new turn key project, renovation or up gradation.
Pumping Solutions
We are authorised sale and Service Partners for , catering for their wide range of pumps.